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Horizontal steel ball machine sent to the United States
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Recently, sent to the United States company's 3M4980C horizontal steel ball flashing ball machine loading completed, smoothly sent to the port.The machine tool is the XINXIANG SUNRISE company's foreign trade department in the field of steel ball flashing ball overseas market another breakthrough.In order to ensure the timely delivery of machine tools , the XINXIANG SUNRISE company's production department carefully organized, from supporting to assembly production in accordance with the daily schedule of control, and at the same time, the concentration of superior forces, in accordance with the requirements of quality assurance, guarantee delivery time to complete the task successfully.
This is the 3M4980C horizontal steel ball flashing ball machine exported to the United States for the first time, the product is horizontal layout, processing range 5mm -- 30mm.Large oil cylinder positioning, system pressure is small;The open structure of rotating plate moving and pressurizing is conducive to the release of impact force, which can make the performance of the machine remain stable for a long time and the processing efficiency is high.The whole product reaches the international advanced level.