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3M7480 Vertical steel ball flashing machine
Machine application:
Working accuracy:
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Structural Features
Case& Video
Main technical parameters:
Items and specifications Parameters

Working range

φ3~ φ20mm

Dimension of plates


Speed of main shaft

40~130 r/min(frequency conversion)

Ball load capacity


Main motor power


Main structural features:
1.Vertical layout, large cycle machining;
2.Suitable for the hard grinding process;
3.The rotation of main shaft and turntable adopt frequency conversion speed regulation;
4.Hydraulic drive pressure, mechanical pressure preservation by compression spring and constant pressure nut locking;
5.Adopt end face bearing with high capacity;
6.The main shaft bearing adopts the mechanical seal structure, which eliminates the hidden danger of the main shaft oil leakage;
7.The main transmission uses reduction box a pair of gears. The power is transmitted to the spindle through the output shaft of the bevel gear. The transmission structure is simple and reliable;
8.Adopt small cycle processing in accordance with the requirements (without turntable).
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